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March 29th 2011

7 Techniques to Thrive in Any Economy Written by SharynAbbott March 23, 2011

I came across this brand new blog today. Enjoy it and visit it regularly…it has new fresh ideas to help you with your business. 


Enjoy it and visit it regularly…it has new fresh ideas to help you with your business. 

Written by SharynAbbott  March 23, 2011 
You are more than likely among the fortunate few if you are reading this. You are an entrepreneur or contemplating being an entrepreneur.
You have an opportunity to control your hours, lifestyle and income. You can re-invent yourself whenever you choose and you know how to make relationships work for you.
But the last two years have proved a challenge. Those who have money are holding on to it and those who don’t have the money to work with you are fewer and further apart.
Has it ever occurred to you the money is always out there, it never goes away, it’s just in different hands. You need to work more diligently to find out who has the funds and to discern from those who are going through the motions. Most people want you to believe their business is in great shape, but most entrepreneurs are struggling because they’ve kept doing the same things they have always done.
This economy requires different tactics. When what you have been doing is no longer working, it is important to change what you’re doing. Markets move and potential client resources change.

Over the past twenty years I have had tremendous success with the following 7 Techniques, when working with entrepreneurs. If you apply each and every technique, you too will discover how much easier it is to have more than enough clients with much less effort than you are currently expending as an entrepreneur.
1. Spend 35% of your time marketing your business
2. Create Power Partner Relationships
3. Develop 25% of your business by referral
4. Attend at least one new event each month
5. Improve your Sales Skills
6. Write to get recognition in your business community
7. Speak at organizations to gain credibility

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