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February 14th 2011

Grant Award Winner Interview: Limeskincare.com

We at Womensnet.net wanted to give a quick shout out and congratulations to our latest Amber Grant winner, Emily Sindlinger from Reno, NV.  Not only did Emily win the $500 grant, but a professional copywriter in the WNN network has donated 5 hours of time to write copy for Emily’s website and marketing materials.  Emily started her own business, the Lime Skin Spa, and we thought you would like to hear her story.   Below is a short interview we did with our latest winner!     
WNN:  Emily, congratulations on winning the Amber Grant.  A quick question that most women would want to know is — what is your background?

Emily: I graduated from UNLV with a degree in recreation with concentration in golf management.  I had a change of heart when I graduated and decided I wanted to own my own business. So I went to esthetician school with the intentions of owning a day spa.  And now that day is finally here!

WNN:  Is Lime Skin your first business venture?

Emily: Yes, I have owned LimeSKIN for 3 1/2 years.  I opened this skin studio with the intentions of growing and working towards a day spa.  Lime is like my baby.  I am very passionate that I have started all of this without getting myself into debt by not taking out a business loan.

WNN:  Wow, being debt free is terrific.  How has Lime Skin done since you’ve opened?

Emily: The first two years were slow, then I went to a skin show and took a bunch of classes.  I learned that my success depends on me and nothing else.  It was very inspirational.  It gave me the confidence to get to where I am now, almost 2 years later and ready to open a day spa.

WNN:   Have you seen a gradual improvement or are you still in the growth stages?

Emily:  Definitely still in the growth stages.  There is no glass ceiling so I will be constantly growing.

WNN:  What is your clientele?

Emily:  My target clientele is anyone who is looking for a relaxing experience.  In this fast paced world it’s important to take time for yourself and reflect.  Lime helps women do that in many different ways.  Lime also attracts people who want healthy looking skin.  All of the facials deliver amazing results.  And the retail Lime offers is the best selection of skincare products in the area.

 WNN:  In your Amber Grant application, you told us you plan on attending the Spa Director’s Seminar.  Is that still the case?

Emily:  Yes, I am still planning on going.  It will be pushed back until the fall because the timing was quite right.  I plan to use the $500 for some training CD’s.  I already have some and they are life changing in the spa industry!
WNN: Any plans to amp up your website?

Emily:   Yes, first thanks for the SEO tips you gave me.  That will help.  As for the site, since I’m not taking out a business loan, I’m doing a little at a time.  My website re-launch is planned for April.   I have an e-commerce site that I will be launching in April so my clients can book appointments, buy products, gift cards…But I am all for any tips and advice from Womensnet. Seriously, thank you so much!  I’m so grateful!  

We’re happy to help Emily and other businesswomen like her.
Christina Lambert

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