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December 6th 2010

Passion usually does not steer you wrong, but pursue it with trusted advice

Here is another example of a successful business that was created by a women who pursued her passion, with caution:

USA Today’s Charisse Jones Column interview of Care.com CEO Shelia Marcelo

Shelia Marceleo is CEO of Care.com, a company she founded in 2006 that connects families to caregivers who provide services ranging from child and senior care to tutoring and houseleeping.  The company has raised $36 million in financing and is the biggest online resourse for family care services.

USA TODAY: What advise do you give to up-and coming entrepreneurs?
Ceo Care.com/ Shelia Marcelo:  Definitely pursue your passion, but share you ideas with a lot of people so they can weigh in and give advise.  And have mentors, because sometimes you become overly passionate, you drink your own Kool-Aid. I’m a big believer that you’re always testing and iterating.

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