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July 25th 2012

Setting up a YouTube Channel – 5 Tips That Can Grow Money for Women Entrepreneurs

I wanted to share some tips with you about setting up a YouTube Channel for your business.  But first, I also wanted to remind you that we’re accepting applications for the upcoming WomensNet.net Amber Grant. The deadline is only 6 days away, so please take a minute not to tell us your story!

Setting up a YouTube Channel – 5 Tips That Can Grow Money for Women Entrepreneurs

There are many ways you can promote your woman-owned business.  As we’ve shared with you before – social media has become a favorite medium because it has global reach and costs nothing. Near the top of the list of social media platforms you should consider is YouTube.  Setting up a YouTube Channel is an excellent way to grow money for women entrepreneursbecause it is simple to set up, exceptionally powerful as a marketing tool, can reach a broad market and, best of all, is FREE!

Here is how you can start your very own YouTube Channel today.

To set it up, visit YouTube.com and click on create account. Then just follow the step-by-step instructions. At the end of the process, copy the URL of your business channel and use it on your site, blog, email signature, and in all your promotion material to spread the word. Here are some of the things you’ll want to consider for your YouTube Channel:

1.        Choose An Appropriate Name– The name of your YouTube Channel should reflect the essence of your business. Choose a name that does not leave much to guessing. You want surfers to find your business through a common search.  If you own a diner named “Debbie’s” in Butte, Montana – you’re better off going with “Diner in Butte Montana” instead of “Debbie’s.”

2.       Brand your YouTube Channel– YouTube allows you to add “skin” to your channel. This is a great way to build your brand. Put your logo or a design that identifies with your business. This will help you promote your business and build a following.

3.       Start With Some Very Relevant And Good Content– This might be the most important thing.  Your clients and general surfers will see your channel for the first time. They need a good impression or they may not come back. YouTube is an exceptionally potent vehicle for promotion – provided the content is superb. When you do offer great content, there is the potential your video could go viral as people share your content on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This provides tons of free advertising, as your reach expands even beyond the traffic coming to YouTube.  If you own a bed and breakfast, offer a video tour.  If you own a bakery, show folks the care you take in baking ginger snaps – and maybe even share your recipe.  Be creative.

4.       Choose A Short And Relevant Name For Your Videos– It is very important that the name of your videos reflect what is in the video; but when you do that, you need to remember to tie that name in with your business so it can be found while searching on the Internet. This will give you a lot of visibility in search engines like Google or Bing.  “How to Groom a Horse” should be “How to Groom a Horse at Diane’s Dude Ranch.”

5.       Tag your YouTube videos– What could have slipped from the title you can make up with tagging. Use powerful words when you tag your videos so you will be visible to searches on the Web. Making it easy to find your business is the simplest way to draw in leads and make money.  Our last Amber Grant winner makes greeting cards for the “bitter” things in life: divorce, breast cancer, plastic surgery, etc.  Her videos could be tagged with titles like “greeting cards for cancer, funny greeting cards, plastic surgery greeting cards” and similar descriptive tags.

A YouTube channel should not be too difficult to set up or upkeep. Tackled properly, it could become a major portal to attract clients and money for your business!

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