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October 27th 2010

WNN Grant Update

We’re excited to tell you about some new things happening on womensnet.net that I’m sure will help you.

** First, a quick reminder that we’re still taking Amber Grant applications for this quarter. Plus we have more exciting news for Amber Grant applicants: one of the people who reviews the applications has agreed to become an angel investor for a select business. The angel investment is not guaranteed each quarter. But what it DOES means to you is that even if you were not awarded the Amber Grant – you could still catch the eye of an angel investor. It’s just another opportunity to gain FREE funding for your business or business idea. And it would give the chance to work with a successful entrepreneur who can help mentor you along the way.

** We’re redesigning the womensnet.net site and re-launching it next week. Along with that new look, we’re looking for women who want to submit articles on any range of topics within the business world. Tell us how you launched your business, how you got your start-up money, or any lessons you’ve learned along the way that you’d like to share with others. Besides helping other women with their business dreams, you’ll be getting some valuable exposure for your business as well. If you’re interested in submitting an article, please shoot me an email at womensnetnet@gmail.com

** Also as part of our re-launch, we’re going to provide more assistance on micro-loan funding. It seems this is a bigger trend in other countries than here in the U.S., but if you’ve had a good experience with a micro-lender, please tell us about your experience.

** I came across an article that might inspire you – besides mentioning a character from one of my favorite TV shows of the 1970s, Alice from the “Brady Bunch.” Check out the article, which lists a list of unique businesses (mostly web-driven), and maybe it will spark an idea for you. Daily Finance Article.

** A recent October article by Bloomberg News should offer encouragement for women entrepreneurs. The article reports that – according to the US Department of Commerce – women-owned businesses grew at a much greater pace than male-owned businesses. Companies owned by women grew at 44% vs. 22% for those owned by men. Rebecca Blank, the Commerce undersecretary of economic affairs said, “There’s clearly a sense here, if you look into the future, of an enormous growth opportunity for women-owned businesses in the private sector.”

** More good news for us women. According to a “Washington Post” article from this past Saturday, the Small Business Administration (SBA) is implementing a rule designed to give women-owned businesses a greater shot at winning more federal government contracts. The SBA has identified a whopping 83 categories in which women-owned businesses have been underrepresented. A current federal law already mandates that 5% of federal contracts go to women-owned businesses. But the reality is that only 3.68% of all government contracts went to women in 2009. The new SBA rule is trying to simply get the federal government to comply with its own law.

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