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December 21st 2018

2018 Year-End Amber Grant Awarded to Wasatch Nectar

Our $10,000 year-end Amber Grant finalists are a diverse bunch.

The list includes app creators, educators, musicians and more. They’re scattered all over North America, from Toronto to Houston and from Atlanta to San Francisco.

While we love the variety among these finalists, our multi-week quest to name one recipient has led us to a powerful conclusion: Truly, each finalist is worthy of this grant. Each has undeniable talent and business savvy. Each has encountered adversity — personally and/or in business — only to persevere and thrive.

You’re amazing entrepreneurs and even better people. And we can’t express how fortunate we are to have this opportunity to meet.

So below, we’d love to recognize each finalist for their accomplishment:

Anahata Collaborative


Madison Eats Food Tours

Don’t Forget The List



Amazingly Uplifted

Good Morning Bedlam


Wasatch Nectar

The Skirted Soldier

Locker Lifestyle

Music Therapy St. Louis

A very special congratulations to Kristen Moffatt — owner of Wasatch Nectar — for earning the year-end grant. A dietitian and outdoor enthusiast, Kristen’s honey-based products provide active individuals with healthy, all-natural nutrition. We’re confident her thoughtful business planning and go-getter attitude will produce a bright future.

She shared a few thoughts about the big news in the video below.

Lastly, we’re excited to announce 3 additional year-end Amber Grants of $2,000. We plan to notify each of the recipients by the end of this weekend.

Thank you for reading — and a very happy holidays to you and yours.

-The WomensNet Team

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