The Amber Grant Foundation

We give grants to women-owned businesses

The Amber Grant Foundation began in 1998, launched in conjunction with the entrepreneurial community for women.

Our foundation was set up with one goal in mind: to honor the memory of a very special young woman who died at just 19 years old.

Amber Grants make it possible for other women to achieve the dreams that Amber never had a chance to pursue.

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Meet Our Advisory Board


Christina Lambert

Christina was born in Seneca Falls, NY, site of the first Women’s Rights Convention in 1848. Fittingly – she has carried forward a spirited advocacy for women-owned businesses and has been instrumental in several booming start-ups. Christina is a natural networker for entrepreneurs, volunteering her time to help women business owners connect. Her passion is in “customer service marketing” as a way to grow businesses organically. “Give your customers personable one-on-one service, and you’ll develop a loyalty that will have them spending more money with you – and telling all their friends about you.”

Christina has been on the WomensNet Advisory Board since 2008.



Marcia Layton Turner

Marcia is a bestselling author and freelance writer who founded the Association of Ghostwriters. Her work has appeared in Businessweek, Entrepreneur, Woman’s Day, and Black Enterprise, among many others, as well as on Amex OPEN Forum, CNNMoney, and iVillage. She earned her MBA from the University of Michigan.


Kelsey Ptucha

Kelsey Ptucha

Kelsey Ptucha is an online marketing professional who’s focused on consistently growing her skillset every day. Her optimistic attitude and knack for entrepreneurship make her the perfect candidate to help women’s business dreams become realities. Kelsey graduated from SUNY Fredonia with dual Bachelors of Science degrees in Marketing and Computer Information Systems.

“The Amber Foundation Grants began in 1998 to help women who are trying to start small businesses.”

Alyssa Gregory, About Money


The Amber Grant listed number one on 125 Grants, Loans and Scholarships for Women.


“The Amber Foundation helps women start businesses and helps existing ones grow. The funding grants are small but very helpful in getting you started. There is no requirement or expectation to repay the funds.”



WomensNet Listed under Michigan State University’s top grants for women.


WomensNet featured in Inside Business 360 for “Best Grants for Women Entrepreneurs”


“These grants have helped dozens of women become successful in business. It is always hard to get the necessary funds to start a business since banks or financial institutions often require many conditions. Amber Grants try to fill that void, so more women can have the opportunity to develop themselves as business women.”

Martha Boone, eHow


WomensNet listed as one of Business Money Today’s True Business Grants.


“Thank you so much Womens net for selecting us as the grant recipient for December 2014. It means a lot and this money will quickly be put to work as we begin testing the user experience for Stretch in January with our Veterans and Active military.”

Lauren Foster, Founder of Stretch Recipes