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Small Business Grants for Women in Nevada

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Six Steps to find a grant:

1. Analyze Your Organization?s Needs & Determine:
  • The problem or need you want to address
  • The audience or target beneficiaries you will serve
  • The amount & types of support you need
  • The resources & commitment your group brings to the project
  • Potential partners in the community
2. Research Foundations & How They Operate:
  • Learn as much as possible about corporate, civic, and private foundations
3. Look for Funding Matches By Considering Funders Who:
  • Are able or likely to fund projects in your geographic area
  • Have a similar core mission or goals
  • Have already supported similar ventures or projects
4. Compile A List Of Prospects:
  • By Geographic Location (city, state, region)
  • By field of interest or program subject
5. Refine Your List & Eliminate Sources That:
  • Do NOT fund in your state
  • Do NOT fund your subject
  • Do NOT fund the type of support you need (See Types of Funding Support)
  • Fund your type of organization
  • Fund your size project
6. Select The Most Appropriate Funding Sources & Research In Detail
  • Contact funder directly for annual report and other publications
  • Search newspapers and the Internet for former grant recipients and contact them for advice or tips, why they felt they were successful as opposed to other applicants

Looking for small business grants for women in Nevada is anything but easy.

A Google search will bring up a long list of sites.  But most either look like scams or complicated government (Small Business Administration) sites.

We’re different. can help you find REAL grants, loans, and other funding for your business venture.  Yes, you’re still going to have to put in some hard work and time.  But if you’re serious about getting your business to the next level, you’ll find our site a big help.

A simple place to start is with our Amber Grant for Women.  Business women from Nevada (and all around America) are eligible to apply for this grant.  Our judges award this grant every month – so today would be the perfect time to apply.

After you’ve applied for our grant, please take a bit of time to check out the resources below.  There are folks in Nevada waiting to help women business owners just like you!

We have also done the research of finding the 21 top grants available for women today. To get a copy of our report sign up below.

Resources for Women in Nevada

Northern Nevada SCORE
Ansari Business BuildingUniversity of Nevada, College of Business Administration, Room 411
Reno, NV 89557
Ph: (775) 784-4436

Southern Nevada SCORE
300 S. 4th Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Ph: (702) 388-6104

National Association of Women Business Owners – Southern Nevada
PO Box 96355
Las Vegas, NV 89193
(702) 571-0462

Nevada Women’s Fund
770 Smithridge Dr, Suite 300
Reno, NV 89502
Phone: (775) 786-2335
Fax: (775) 786-8152

Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada
2300 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 800
Las Vegas, NV 89102-4352
Phone: 702.733.3955
Fax: 702.926.9270

Small Business Development Center
University of Nevada, Reno
College of Business
Ansari Business Building, Room 411
Reno, Nevada 89557-0032
Phone: (775) 784-1717
Fax: (775) 784-4337