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2017 May Amber Grant Finalists

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Rebecca Rogers

Intero VR helps athletes achieve their potential by reducing stress, fear, and anxiety through visualization. Their VR training apps connect people in order to create a sense of community and support. They’ve introduced the first headset designed specifically for athletes, one that’s form-fitting, ventilated, lightweight, has a larger field of view, and looks cool. This headset can be used with athletic training machines as well as for personal visualization without a machine.
Rose Xie

Resthetics is a medical device company that aims to convert waste anesthesia gas into a safe renewable resource. Resthetics has technology that can capture these waste anesthesia gases in the operating room and prevent the release of toxic gases into our environment. The company’s core technology, a porous crystalline organic framework, originated from interdisciplinary research conducted at the University of Houston.

Easily Amused Productions
Chrissy Fagerholt

Friend or Faux helps recall memories, unveil truths and laugh at life’s funny but all-too-real moments: first kisses, bad hair styles, and questionable choices made when we were younger. Friend or Faux is often surprising, at times risqué but always revealing. After two years of research and development and over 300 play testers, they’ve discovered people are craving face-to-face interaction, especially the millennial generation.
Daniella Alejandra Henry

PUVI strives to make innovative, multi-use products. Their newest product is a patent-pending hair accessory that aims to revolutionize the way girls with curls tie their hair. The PUVItie allows the user to control how loose (or tight) the hair tie is. It is made of 100% silk, preventing breakage and those pesky ponytail creases.

STEMed Academy
Emily Silveira

STEMed Academy evolved because of a passion for science and a dire need in the homeschool community. Their motto is: Think like a scientist. Teach like a teacher. Love like a parent. While the main paid product is curriculum, STEMed Academy also provides parent training in science education to better equip them with the skills to bring science to life in their homes.

Congratulations to the finalists — we will announce the winner shortly!

2017 April Amber Grant Finalists

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

Karen Vaughan Wolfe

RIZE + WorkWell is a new concept aimed at bringing work and wellness together in the same lifespace, helping people achieve greater work/life balance, providing wellness solutions for everyone and making exercise more accessible and less intimidating.

Canned Sedona
Canned Sedona
Heidi Benson

Canned Sedona is a cooking competition inspired by CHOPPED, a popular show on Food Network. Heidi and co-founder Tracey Shadley wondered how they could create a similar event that would benefit the Sedona community. Long-term, they hope to bring the event to other communities.

Yoga2Sleep LLC
Pamela Stokes Eggleston

Pamela has practiced yoga for over 16 years and completed specialized training to include plant-based nutrition, stress management, prenatal yoga and yoga therapy training to work with service members and veterans with post traumatic stress disorder and combat stress. She’s driven to help caregivers, military family members and others feel a renewed sense of calm and get a good night’s sleep.

Tiny Type Studios LLC
Stacy Clark

Adoptionly Yours™ Cards & Gifts are bright-hearted expressions for the journey of adoption — from the first fragile hopes, to coming home, and becoming a family. Stacy and her co-founder draw on personal experiences and bring a pair of unique skill sets to fuel their business.

a little science
A Little Science LLC
Misty Ann Carty

Misty’s goal is to provide well written, simplistically worded, vibrantly presented children’s science books. With an impressive academic background, she aims to fill a particularly underserved niche for the youngest of readers.

Rupal Asodaria

NursElet® is a patent pending nursing bracelet that helps moms secure their shirt while nursing or pumping to make a clear latch in proper posture. Time, care, and trial-and-error led to the creation of NursElet® Bracelet, as well as a host of other products.

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2017 March Amber Grant Finalists

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Easy Peasie Veggie Blands
EasyPeasie® Veggie Blends
Dorielle Price

EasyPeasie is is a business owned by two sisters who put their heads together and came up with the idea to make vegetable powders for kids in order to give them vegetable exposures as early and as often as possible. They care about kids’ nutrition, and are in the business of providing families simple, natural, and convenient ways to get more vegetable nutrients into their kids’ diets.

Snuggle Sleeve
The Snuggle Sleeve
Penny Spernoga

The Stroller Snuggie is the one and only attachable baby stroller pillow that can be attached to three different areas of a baby stroller and stay in place. You can attach it to the tray (for older kids), the back of the seat, or the side of the stroller. The pillow allows children to be comfortable in their stroller and even allows them to sleep!

The Kokon
The Kokon
Veronika Bartosch

The Kokon Pod is a smart hanging environment designed to instantly relax your physiological system. The Kokon Pod teaches you to control your body’s natural stress response by regularly bringing you back to a desirable emotional state. Reduce elevated levels of stress, build emotional resilience and keep a mindful state over time.

The Cat Ball, LLC
Jennifer Boaro

The Cat Ball® manufactures and sells unique pet beds made from original designs. Their two main products are The Cat Ball® bed and The Cat Canoe®. All of their products are made from high quality designer fabrics and comfy high-density foam. Their goal is to make fantastic beds and toys that your cat will love and will look great in your home.

Aarti Mehta

Aloo was created by a first-time mom and physician, Aarti. She wanted to feed her child breast milk as it was important to her and her husband. Unfortunately, it was difficult to determine how much her baby would drink during each feeding. After each feeding there was significant unconsumed liquid remaining in the bottle. But because of the baby’s back wash reentering the bottle, they were concerned about reusing the liquid and had to discard the remaining milk. So after searching for potential solutions Aarti decided to create a device on her own, that would prevent backwash from reentering the bottle and as a result keeping the remaining liquid unused. Allowing her to feel more comfortable reusing the liquid, and in the process, saving significant effort and money.

Stay tuned: We will be announcing the winner Soon!

2017 February Amber Grant Finalists

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

Yuna Joung

Over the course of Yuna’s computer science career at Harvard, she attended several hackathons to gain more experience applying computer science to real world projects. However, a recurring problem she noticed was communication. She had trouble reaching management and similarly, the management struggled to reach the hackers.

The communication difficulties detracted from Yuna’s experience at these hackathons, so Yuna and a team created an event chatbot company called Bytesize. For attendees, this chatbot acts as a personal assistant for the event at hand. For organizers, the chatbot alleviates much of their burden from answering questions, allowing them to focus more on the other parts of the event that require their attention. Best of all, this all happens directly in Facebook Messenger, so both parties don’t have to worry about installing and setting up an entirely new app.

Folia Health
Nell Meosky Luo

Folia Health is developing a chronic disease patient management tool designed to decrease the time that patients and caregivers spend on coordinating care, while improving outcomes. At the moment, they are focused on helping the pediatric population. One of their main goals is to close the symptom data gap. The symptoms and treatment-related side effects that chronic disease patients experience can be instrumental in crafting a personalized care plan, but are often not communicated clearly to the provider. Folia is the solution to that problem.


Blossom & Vine
Sophie Felts

Blossom & Vine is a boutique floral design studio in Maryland. They provide the area with hand crafted, one of a kind, lush, nature inspired, love infused event flours. Whether you are planning a grand event or an intimate gathering, their team is experienced and ready to bring all floral visions to life.


Geren Imaging
Jennae Geren

The I Had a Dream Project is an innovative venture that bridges art, cinematography and journalism with the purpose of spreading an inspiring collective message of the human will, inner guidance and integrity, and conveys that despite any life circumstance, we can positively change our reality.

The Project features leading-edge Americans who were either born into an unusual and oppressive life circumstance or experienced a unique and major life change that steered the direction of their life completely. How they took control of steering their life onto a new and positive path is the collection of inspiring stories the I Had a Dream Project artistically captures.


Nature Mamma Body Care
Rachel Wheeler

After Rachel’s first child was born, she began checking the labels to everything her family ate and used on their bodies. After doing her own research she realized how many toxic ingredients were in every day formulas and it was shocking to her. This motivated Rachel to make her own body care products and is how Nature Mamma Body Care was born. Nature Mamma Body Care is homemade natural body care products, without all the harmful additives, fillers and harsh chemicals.


Gabby Bows
Rozalynn Goodwin

Gabby Bows is a creative barrett invented by 7yo, (Gabby) & her Mom. This new barrette is designed to secure the ends of pigtails, braids and twists. It’s Double-Face, Double-Snap Barrette, is a classic hair accessory that meets modern functionality and style.The Gabby bow promises to save you time, money, and frustration.
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2017 January Amber Grant Finalists

Monday, February 6th, 2017

Bumbling Tranquility
Faith Sprigg

Bumbling Tranquility is a brand dedicated to self care and simple living with an emphasis on nurturing the body and unique spirit that is yours. As a massage therapist for the last 10 years, Faith has seen firsthand the positive effects of working with essential oils as aromatherapy and wants to share them for use in a setting outside the treatment room.


Abilities Discovered
Debbie Scacco, M.S.

Abilities Discovered uses art to help Youth ages 5-22 yrs old, with Autism Spectrum Disorder to improve behavior & gain better social skills.

Abilities Discovered uses Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy combined with Art Therapy techniques to teach life skills that will lead to future gainful employment.

Courage Cube
Rebekah Daoud

Rebekah started Courage Cube to help cheer up and encourage loved ones, friends, and coworkers that are going through a rough time. These people can be cancer patients, cancer survivors, caretakers or anyone dealing with chronic illness by delivering unique and inspirational gift packages (called Courage Cubes).

The Extendher
Maria Messier

Extendher is a patent-pending extender panel that clips on to any outerwear that has a zipper, and extends your garment’s usefulness instead of purchasing a full maternity coat. Extendher gives you that added room to grow for when you show. It’s adjustable pull toggles allow for a great fit throughout each stage of pregnancy.

Levity Products
Sarah Olsen

Four years ago Sarah’s son was born with Spina Bifida which lead to multiple surgeries over the years. After each surgery he would suffer greatly from bladder spasms caused by a medical device that was used to drain his bladder while he healed. After going through this a few times Sarah decided that there needed to be something done. She didn’t want to see her son suffer any longer. After much trial and error Sarah invented a new product. This new product not only worked but it sped up his recovery time immensely. Now Sarah’s goal is different. She’s on a mission to help Spina Bifida children all over the world suffer less than they already have to.

The Piggy Box
Esther Diaz

The Piggy Box is a fun and easy way for kids to manage money while teaching them sound budgeting principles and instilling ideas of “giving” at an early age. The Piggy Box is a new way to save money for today’s kids. It rethinks and reimagines how and what we teach our kids about important life principles. We hope you agree.

Congrats to our January Qualification Grant Finalists and as always, thank you for reading! Remember we award a grant every month – if interested, here’s the link to apply!

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Our 2016 Amber Grant Finalists

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

After much debate amongst our Advisory board we’ve narrowed down our Amber Grant Finalists to Three. Congrats to NAJMTEK, GloveStix, and Yellow Scope! Please read to learn more about these inspiring women and their businesses.



Applicant: Sophie Ennadi – Visit NAJMTEK’s website here.

When Sophie’s daughter was six years old she was diagnosed with dyslexia. With Sophie’s strong background in engineering alongside 12 years of experience in product development she saw this as an opportunity. She wanted to create an adaptive and innovative learning tool for dyslexic people, to help them learn, read, and work without having dyslexia in the way. This is how the Ubook was created.

The UBook is the first all-in-one multi-touch laptop, an interactive technology that includes the first ever neurological “sign alphabet”, and assistive apps, especially designed for people having dyslexia to help them learn, work, and communicate with others without having dyslexia in the way.

Glove Stix


Applicant: Krista Woods – Visit GloveStix’s website here.

Have you ever caught a whiff of old sports gear? It smells awful. The smell is caused by bacteria that lives in the humid air of your sports gear. And every time you sweat… that odor increases. Most types of gloves and shoes are primarily made of leather making them virtually impossible to clean without compromising the shape or comfort to the athlete. Enter, GloveStix. GloveStix, are a patent pending odor management system for smelly sports gear. When placed into gloves or shoes after practice or games they absorb harmful moisture, eliminate odors and inhibit 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria growth in about 24 hrs.

Yellow Scope


Applicant: Marcie Colledge & Kelly McCollum – Visit Yellow Scope’s website here.

Yellow Scope was founded in 2014 by scientists and moms, Marcie Colledge and Kelly McCollum. Marcie and Kelly met in 2008 at their children’s elementary school as volunteers running the school’s STEM programs, including Family Science Nights and the Science Fair. Their “aha moment” was realizing how well they work together and how passionate they both are about science, girls, and education. Over the years, this grew into an idea to build a company that would help young girls fall in love with science. Thus Yellow Scope was born! At Yellow Scope, they make rigorous, creative (and fun!) science kits for girls. Each kit is lovingly assembled by hand in Portland, Oregon.

We will be announcing our second annual Amber Grant winner very soon – Stay Tuned!

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