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August 16, 2021

July 2021 “Animal Services” Business Specific Grant Awarded to EarthPup


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Lucy Cullen

Congratulations to Lucy Cullen, Founder of EarthPup for being the WomensNet $5,000 July Business Specific Grant recipient in the category of “Animal Services.”

EarthPup is a Toronto startup addressing the food waste problem in Canada by turning nutrient-dense food otherwise destined for landfill, into healthy dog treats.

“My passion for EarthPup comes from my 12 years of working in the hospitality industry. Every single shift, I was throwing out uneaten food into the garbage including whole untouched fruits and vegetables, half chickens, entire platters of pasta, you name it!” Cullen’s passion to ending food waste and of becoming a veterinarian were brought together to create EarthPup.

WomensNet Business Specific Grant will help Lucy to continue her passions.

Reminder that the category of the $5,000 Business Specific Grant in August is “Hair Care/Products”. If you applied for an Amber Grant in 2021 and your business is related to hair care or hair products, you’re eligible to win the $5,000. If you’re going to apply in August, you’re eligible to win both the $10,000 Amber Grant as well as the $5,000 Business Specific Grant.

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“The Amber Grant offers three $10,000 grants to women-owned businesses each month. Then, at the end of each year, WomensNet gives an additional $25,000 to three grant winners from that year.”

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