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September 10, 2010

LetterLearning.com is New Amber Grant Recipient

Letter Learning

Woman Entrepreneur:
Ellen Richards

Congratulations Ellen Richard, founder and owner of http://www.letterlearning.com/

We are pleased to announce Ellen as the latest Amber Business grant recipient of $500.00.

“I had a beautiful baby girl in November, 2009 and have decided to take time off of teaching to stay home to be with her. I want to continue feeling like I am helping children at the end of each day, but I also don’t want to miss a second of time with my own little girl. Working from home, producing my educational greeting cards allows me the opportunity to do both.”

LetterLearning.com was inspired by:

“I started Letter Learning while I was on a walk with my daughter Katie. I was thinking about how much I missed my students and also thinking about how many thank you cards I needed to write acknowledging gifts that friends and family gave us when Katie was born. That intersection was how I got the idea for Letter Learning greeting cards for kids. My greeting cards are designed to help young children (aged 4-9) improve their handwriting, learn to spell better and work on letter formation, all by tracing the heart-warming messages inside each of my cards. They are truly educational greeting cards for kids! ”

“If awarded this Amber Grant, I would use the money to pay a professional to finish my website. I have done my site on my own and have received comments that it looks “too homemade” to attract buyers and really get the word out. I don’t have the thousand dollars needed to pay a professional to do it, so I have been checking out HTML books at the library and muddling through. Have the money to pay for a pro to add the needed finishing touches would be a dream! ”

“As a teacher in a low-income, high risk school, grants became a way of life for me. We had to write grants for field trips and after-school programs, and I recognize just how valuable they really are to helping people who have the motivation to do something, but lack the funding. It may be a bit premature, but if I can get Letter Learning off the ground, I have every intention of “paying it forward” and also donating money to those in need.”

Congratulations Ellen! Great idea!

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