Jill Nelson, founder of Natural Beauty Prosthesis
Grant Recipient

February 10, 2021

Natural Beauty Prosthetics Awarded Marketing Grant January 2021

Natural Beauty Breast Prosthesis

Woman Entrepreneur:
Jill Nelson

Natural Beauty Breast Prosthesis was created around a simple vision: to restore the body confidence of women who have had a mastectomy without reconstruction. The current market pushes synthetic breast forms that are often sticky, uncomfortable, and made from materials that irritate delicate, sensitive skin. Natural Beauty is on a mission to provide a comfortable, natural solution that is affordable to women and helps them to feel like their best selves again after a life-altering breast removal procedure.

Looking to reach both retailers and customers, Natural Beauty partnered with the Accelerate Media marketing team to create informational sell sheets that position the benefits of their products while highlighting their practicality and usability. Not only does Natural Beauty now have the messaging to describe their breast forms, but they will also have simple, engaging photography that showcases the beautiful simplicity of their life-changing product.

We helped Jill with:

  • Overall Positioning
  • Marketing Language
  • Sell Sheet Design

View this preliminary draft of Jill’s new Natural Beauty Sell Sheet.

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