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July 19, 2009

Urban Escapes Receives $500 WomensNet.net Grant

Urban Escapes

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Maia Josebachvili

Where Is She Now?

Urban Escapes was acquired by LivingSocial

Maia Josebachvili of New York City will use her $500 grant to pursue publicity

FAIRPORT, N.Y., July 17—Maia Josebachvili of New York, New York, founder and president of Urban Escapes was awarded a $500 Amber grant from WomensNet.net on June 30th. WomensNet.net awards quarterly Amber grants of $500 to women in the process of starting or expanding their own businesses. Grant funds may be used to cover start-up expenses, such as buying or upgrading equipment, hiring consultants and advisors, joining professional organizations, or paying for advertising and marketing efforts.

Maia Josebachvili founded Urban Escapes in 2008 to offer New Yorkers the opportunity to escape the concrete jungle and explore actual jungles, among other places. Soon after start-up, she added jaunts to places well beyond the island of Manhattan, including exotic trips to Mexico, Costa Rica, and New Zealand. The company’s revenues have been doubling each quarter since its inception.

However, Josebachvili aims for even more growth. With her $500 grant, Josebachvili will hire a publicist to help create a media kit and spread the word about Urban Escapes’ affordable travel opportunities.
“We loved Maia’s concept and track record,” says Christina Lambert, chief operating officer of WomensNet.net. “Urban Escapes has grown exponentially in its first year of business and we’d like to help her reach her goal of tripling her revenue this coming year.”

About WomensNet.net
Since its launch in 1998, WomensNet.net has served as an online business community for women interested in starting and growing their own businesses. Each quarter, a $500 grant is awarded to a deserving woman in the process of starting a business. The Amber grant is named in memory of the founder’s sister. Women interested in applying for an Amber grant may do so at https://ambergrantsforwomen.com/get-an-amber-grant/apply-now/. The only requirement is that they be a member of the WomensNet.net community, which is free. To register, go to https://ambergrantsforwomen.com/.

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“Launched 20 years ago this grant honors the memory of a young woman who wanted to be an entrepreneur but died at age 19 before she could achieve her goal.”


“The Amber Grant offers three $10,000 grants to women-owned businesses each month. Then, at the end of each year, WomensNet gives an additional $25,000 to three grant winners from that year.”

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