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May 4th 2015

April’s Qualification Grant Finalists

It’s hard to believe that we’re already 4 months into the year. But it’s time to announce our Amber Grant finalists for April!

Best of luck to these 5 women-owned businesses:

Crumb Cap
Sue Yellowtail

Sue was surprised to see a lack of hair bibs for babies and toddlers on the market. So she looked to solve the problem of messy, food filled hair herself, one that she came to know all too well with her 3 young kids.

Max on Snax
Lori Osiecki

Max on Snax® is a children’s edutainment brand that marks an innovative, multi-platform solution to establishing lifelong healthy habits for children. Harnessing the power of character branding, Max aims to make kids active participants in their health from an early age.

Sassy Bambino
Amanda Holdsworth

In July 2013, Amanda started the Heal-A-Boo-Boo Project, providing free “peek-a-boo-boo” hospital shirts and matching legwarmers to babies and toddlers facing surgery or other medical procedures.

Bleu Harvest
Kari Kramer

Bleu Harvest is a personal chef service, customizing meals for families and individuals. Free time is continuously decreasing for families and individuals, and Bleu Harvest aims to fulfill the need for these people to continue (or begin) eating healthy, delicious, and locally sourced meals.

Fashion Refine
Hazel Andrews

Hazel started a mobile shoe store that allows clients to shop in the comfort of their own home. Shoes are brought to the clients’ home with boutique furnishing, mobile shoe racks and simple classy decor; over finger food, champagne, wine or soft drink they transform clients’ homes into a boutique shoe store.

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