Krista Woods from GloveStix
Grant Recipient

November 11, 2016

GloveStix is our October Grant Winner


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Krista Woods

Last week we announced our October finalists and now we’re excited to finally announce that Krista Woods Founder of GloveStix is our October Qualification Grant winner!

Read on to learn more about GloveStix and how Krista’s company is tackling sports stink.

Krista Woods
Krista Woods

Video Transcript

WN:For those that aren’t familiar with your product can you explain what GloveStix are and how they work?
KW: Glovestix work to get the odor and moisture out of athletic gear. That horrendous odor you smell, that you didn’t ever think your cute kids (or yourself) could produce is actually odor causing bacteria. So all those chemical sprays and detergents that you have bought and sprayed until you can’t spray anymore don’t get the job done because they are not controlling bacteria growth, they are simply masking the smell. Glovestix will eliminate odor 3 ways, first, the antimicrobial plastic used in the Glovestix contains Silver Ions. In the presence of moisture silver ions are released from the plastic to extinguish the cell walls of the bacteria and inhibit 99.9% of odor causing bacteria growth in 24 hours, for a 10 year period. In addition, in the perforated tubes each Glovestix set has replaceable insert bags that will absorb moisture and deodorize to prevent future bacteria growth and help the gear smell better while drying it faster. There is no other product on the market like Glovestix. Glovestix are all natural and non-toxic allowing you to keep your nose happy, safely. They are easy to use and no work required, just put the stix in… and get the stink out!

WN:How quickly do GloveStix remove the stink? And how long do they last?
KW: The Glovestix will inhibit 99.9% of odor causing bacteria, on the product surface, in 24 hours for a 10 year period. No need to get new stix, use the same set for 10 years. The insert bags on the inside are the only things that need to be replaced and we recommend approximately every 3-4 months depending on how often the gear is used and how much moisture is present each time.

WN:Can you use GloveStix with any sports gear that stinks?
KW: YES!!Oh, there is so much stink! I had no idea how huge my market was until I started this when I suddenly became the recipient of everybody’s “stink story” 🙂 So although I originally invented them for athletic gloves like in lacrosse, hockey, boxing, football and soccer, they have quickly found there way into the hands of many other stinky athletes. They work in cleats, shoes, skates, dance shoes, elbow pads, knee pads, helmets, ugg boots, slippers, gear bags and more!

WN:What’s the next step for GloveStix?
KW: Growth, I’m focusing on moving units and increasing awareness of the product and I am currently working on getting into some major retailers. We are also designing our second product to really maximize all the intended uses. Since I’ve started this last year my focus has always been people…not product. By that I mean I had so much to learn about entrepreneurship since I had never done anything like this before and it was a huge gamble for me and my family. Glovestix is completely self-funded, we started with my oldest son’s college fund and we have since moved onto a 2nd home mortgage. So many people helped me get to where I am today, for that I am forever grateful, and I will continue to help others as I move forward. I have already stared a Young Entrepreneur program where I am working with selected teens and teaching them the ins and outs of small business. I will continue to speak and volunteer at many business and entrepreneurship classes as well as participate in the DECA programs at local High schools. My positive impact will be to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and push themselves to the next level. As I grow, so will my connections and outreach.

WN:What piece of advice would you give other female entrepreneurs who are just starting out?
KW: My advice to other females is to be proud of yourself, no matter where you are in your life, your career, your motherhood, whatever it may be…be proud. Starting is hard, starting is scary, and the thought of failing is even worse but be proud that you want to try. You will experience tremendous highs and lows throughout the process and many times you may even want to throw in the towel. DONT. Keep going, keep moving forward, and just take the next step. That’s what it’s all about, taking one step forward, and one day at a time!! I am not going to tell you being an Entrepreneur is easy. Whether you are female or male, it’s a challenge. Ask questions, as many and as often as possible but trust yourself to make the ultimate decision that is best for you. Be ok with making a mistake because you will, if your doing it right. Move past it quickly and keep going forward because it’s not the idea, there are lots of those; it’s the willingness to jump in and do the work. Some days you will have to dig deep, much deeper then ever before to keep pushing yourself but I can promise you this, it’s worth it! I may be 43 but there is no greater feeling then when you achieve that first victory and you can scream and yell… “HEY MOM AND DAD… LOOK AT ME GO!!!!!” 🙂

Learn more about Krista in her video here:


And if you’d like to vote for Krista to win the $1,000 Amber Grant, you can vote for her here.

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