Claudine Land
Grant Recipient

November 16, 2021

June 2021 “Business Support” Business Specific Grant Awarded to Virtual Ingenuity LLC

Virtual Ingenuity LLC

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Claudine Land

Congratulations to Claudine Land, Founder of Virtual Ingenuity LLC for being the WomensNet $5,000 June Business Specific Grant recipient in the category of “Biz Support.”

Virtual Ingenuity LLC is a business support organization focused on helping businesses improve efficiency, effectiveness, and profits. Land has said, “Healthcare patients cannot wait for efficiencies, they are already suffering. I take an intentional, even surgical approach to my clients by incorporating customized plans, workflow systems and innovative solutions for their success. My dedication rests solely on building genuine result-driven strategies and optimized strategic planning to boost productivity and growth.”

The Business Specific Grant will help Virtual Ingenuity continue to make an impact, one business at a time.

Video Transcript

WomensNet: We are so happy to have you today. I’m very excited because today we’re going to speak to Miss Claudine Land with Virtual Ingenuity. She is both the founder and business strategist. And she is our Business Winner for the month of June. WomensNet is very excited to learn more about what she’s doing and we’re happy to have her. So, to begin, Claudine, will you please, tell us a little bit about your business and what you’re doing.

Claudine: I would love to Yamalis. Thank you so much for having me. First of all, I’d like to thank WomensNet for recognizing Virtual Ingenuity, LLC, as a 2021 distinguished business. It’s such an honor to receive this recognition and I will certainly do my best to uphold the mission and principles of WomensNet and the Amber Grant. A little bit about Virtual Ingenuity. We are a business support company focused on helping businesses to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and profits. And my skill and talents are working with various organizations across industries to improve their operations and marketing in order to reduce inequalities and health outcomes. We provide optimized, strategic planning, using workflow systems to boost client productivity and their growth as a business.

WomensNet: Wow. So, it seems like you help businesses do a lot of different things. So, I guess I have a question, how would a business know to contact you? Like what are some signs that they should probably be giving you a call?

Claudine: Great question, Yamalis. If a business owner is struggling to be more efficient, if they’re finding out that they’re just not getting to where they need to be to meet their goals on a daily basis, then that business owner should look at their processes and maybe contact a strategist to find out, what am I doing wrong? What am I not improving on to get my business processes in place to move forward and to reach my goals- and to be more productive and efficient on a daily day basis? I thrive on processes and getting things done in a timely manner. And so, I create and customized processes for my clients at innovative solutions. I put those in place to streamline their operations, to make it easier on a business owner on a day-to-day basis so that they can increase their productivity. And then in the long run, elevate their growth.

WomensNet: So, it sounds like even you’re helping them to see things that maybe they’re not aware of, or things that they could be doing better that are holding them back, that maybe it’s just hard for them to see in their day-to-day grind. So wonderful! Now I do want to ask you, what advice would you give some of our women that are starting their businesses, or maybe have been in business for a few years? Is there anything that you wish somebody would have told you?

Claudine: That’s a great question too, Yamalis. You know, keep moving towards your vision. For me, standing still was not an option, and I know that there are some business owners that are waiting for the perfect opportunity, and it just doesn’t exist. There’ll never be a perfect time, just move forward and you’ll find your way and impact every step of the way. Virtual Ingenuity believes in impacting whatever we do, and this needs to come through to our clients. Read, ask questions. I grew up in Jamaica and we were raised on the British system, and we were taught to ask a lot of questions, to get clarity on things. I tell my clients this all the time and I tell business owners that I’m working with ask questions. There are a lot of things in the beginning that you may not understand, and you still won’t understand if you just sit stagnant, if you say nothing. So, ask questions, make sure you understand what the process is of either if you’re setting up a business, or how to move forward in your current business, how do you reach that milestone, or that goal that you have.

Claudine: How do I save money on materials that I think I need? Talk with the strategist and find out if you really need that equipment that the other people are saying that you need in order to be successful. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be successful. And I think that’s a huge misconception. I talk with business owners a lot that don’t have a website. Well, listen, you don’t have to have a website in the beginning. And how do you structure your website properly? What’s the content that you need in your website? A lot of business owners really are told, set up a website and they’re not really sure of the content that needs to be on the website. So, I would urge business owners that are just starting out, or business owners that have been in business for two to three years or more, to ask a lot of questions.

Claudine: There’s a lot of things that marketing companies will try to tell you that you need, especially right out of the gate. That’s not necessarily necessary right now. Always be aware of what you can afford, know your budget, and stick to that budget. And another thing for me, fear is not an option. I also believe in what I call “sprinkling.” I talk to people all the time, whether it’s in the grocery store, whether it’s getting gas for my vehicle, and just saying hello, and finding out what that person does, because you never know- that person that you talk to can be your biggest referral partner. So, make that impact with everyone that you come in contact with.

WomensNet: Wonderful! I love that. Ask questions and throw some sprinkles. Yes, absolutely. We never know where those connections are going to go. Awesome. So, as we think about the next few months or the next year, with Virtual Ingenuity, what are some upcoming milestones or exciting things you have coming up?

Claudine: Thanks for asking that question, Yamalis. We are so excited because Virtual Ingenuity is going to be featured in Mindbody’s 2021 BOLD conference in San Diego, California. August 31st through September 2nd in their Partner Highlights Reel. So, we are so excited about that. My background is over 20 years in healthcare- as a health educator, as a research assistant, I have a background in pharma, and I’ve worked very hard at getting Virtual Ingenuity on the forefront of the healthcare industry and beyond. So, working with mind, body and being a mind body partner, and being highlighted in their BOLD 2021 conference is such an honor and a great accomplishment for us.

WomensNet: Wonderful. Awesome. We look forward to hearing an update on how that goes. I do have one final question for you. How can the WomensNet network of all our women-owned businesses associated with us, and all our fans…what can we do to help support your business?

Claudine: I believe that we can make an impact every one of us, one step at a time, by just supporting each other, share my story with other business owners. Hopefully I will influence and urge someone else to take that step- and move forward with their business goals. It may be a dream right now but dreams really do become reality. And so, sharing my with others would be just really, really wonderful.

WomensNet: We’re definitely going to do so. We’re so happy that you took the time to be able to connect with us. We know many of our women listening or watching this surely do appreciate all the work that you do and your leadership. We’re so excited for you, for the next six months and beyond. So, thank you so much Claudine.

Claudine: Thank you, Yamalis. And thank you, WomensNet.

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