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December 15, 2020

November 2020 Amber Grant Awarded to Nenikanopi


Woman Entrepreneur:
LindyJo Larnard

We’re thrilled to announce the $10,000 November Amber Grant recipient. Congratulations to LindyJo Larnard, Founder of Nenikanopi.  LindyJo is the final qualifier for the 2020 year-end Amber Grant ($25,000).

For information on her business, her advice for other female entrepreneurs and more, continue on to our interview below. You can also follow Nenikanopi on IG.

Note: Applications are currently being reviewed for the $10,000 December Amber Grant. You can apply today to be considered.

Video Transcript

WN: Describe Nenikanopi and the purpose it serves

LL: Nenikanopi began with an idea to solve a problem with an amazing product and an awesome purpose: to give all breastfeeding moms and babies the peace of mind and comfort they deserve. I invented a nursing cover that came from necessity when nothing worked well for me and my babies. Other moms shared this same need with nothing out there to fill it.

What started with a need for moms who want privacy when breastfeeding but are left with an either-or scenario ended with a patented product that offers moms a way to free up their hands while baby stays comfortable and mom stays fully covered. A true nursing friendly cover that gives the best both nursing cover worlds have to offer.

I kicked myself into overdrive and started Nenikanopi, patented my product, trademarked Nenikanopi myself, and manufactured my invention so other moms could have this option that wasn’t available anywhere, online or in-stores, until now with Nenikanopi.

WN: What differentiates you from competitors’?

LL: No other cover can do for moms what this cover can. We offer the world’s first and only multi-use cover that provides moms full 360 coverage with handsfree line of sight so moms can focus on what matters most without the struggle with fabric or worry of being exposed. Not only is being handsfree a plus for busy mamas but this allows moms and babies view of each other, as eye contact is so important for a child’s brain, social, and emotional development. Studies show this bonding between mom and baby looking at each other not only helps motivate babies to vocalize but also strengthens the parent/child relationship even down the road.

The problem with all other nursing covers is you only have two options to choose from that leave you in an either-or situation. Moms are at loss. Your first option is a multi-use product like a scarf, blanket, car seat cover, or poncho which leaves baby overheated, sweaty, and without much visibility for mom to see in, see baby, and see what she’s doing. Your second option is an apron with a rigid neckline that offers a view of baby but leaves your sides and back exposed.

Available covers on the market are either too hot underneath from multi-use products’ fabric draped over baby’s face or leave mom exposed whenever baby performs gymnastics while nursing. Moms need to latch and switch sides and a nursing cover shouldn’t make things harder for either of them. But that’s all they had to choose from… that is, until Nenikanopi.

We offer the only multi-use cover, with its patented design, that allows it to open into a canopy (with removable flexible inserts) when used for privacy to nurse or pump. Afterwards, it can be worn as an infinity scarf, poncho, or used as a car seat cover. It’s lightweight, breathable, soft, fashionable, and multifunctional. No other cover can compare to the optimal air circulation it’s patented kanopi provides. For moms and babies, it’s a win-win.

Not only can it do for moms and babies what no other cover can, it’s completely grown and made in the USA. We chose to give back to our US economy and work with people close to home to make our covers, instead of cheaper costs and larger profits offshore.

WN: What is an upcoming milestone for Nenikanopi?

LL: We’re looking to introduce new product to add to our inventory for 2021.

WN: How are you planning to market the Nenikanopi brand?

LL: We’ll be reaching out to mamas on social media, parents, collaborating with others and other brands to get Nenikanopi off its feet. We’ll get Nenikanopi in front of people who have yet to know our brand and product exists.

WN: Share some advice you’d give an aspiring female entrepreneur

LL: You’ll find yourself feeling out of your comfort zone. You might be afraid… afraid to fail. Whatever you’re afraid of, keep your head up. Take it one day at a time, one task at a time; little by little check those to-dos off your list and you’ll get there.

Whatever or whoever it is that gives you strength or helps motivate you, that’ll help you get through the tough… and laugh, because everyone starts somewhere. Everyone makes mistakes. Learn from them, dust yourself off, and move on. Don’t let fear keep you from making that leap. Believe in yourself and keep at it; the rest will follow. You’ve got this. Don’t you want to see what can happen if you refuse to give up?

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