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August’s Amber Grant Finalist’s Announced!

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Hopefully everyone a great Labor Day weekend filled with good food, friends and family!

This month our Facebook ‘Likes’ broke the 900 mark and we’re very excited. Our goal for this month  is to try to crush the 1K mark, and with all of your help, we should be able to get it done!

Without further a-do meet this month’s Amber Grant Finalists!

August’s Amber Grant Finalist’s Announced:

BB Maboby Bahadarakhann

SmileOnU is a network of dental professionals coming together to provide charitable dental-care to communities in need. They are a dental philanthropic organization that provides a vehicle for your everyday dentist, dental supply companies and dental laboratories to do charitable work.

Pawsitively Delicious, LLC
Megan Stewart
Pawsitively Delicious is a natural and homemade dog treat company in Colorado. They’re a small business that loves spoiling everyone’s dogs with good treats. They do not use any corn, soy, or wheat in any of our treats and only allow the best for each pup!

Western Aquatic & Terrestrial Ecological Research (W.A.T.E.R.) Associates, LLC
Melissa Mandrup

W.A.T.E.R. Assoc. is a small female-owned and operated business that provides comprehensive environmental monitoring and assessments of watersheds, fisheries, and aquatic habitats. They conduct long-term environmental research and are also involved with their local and global communities (via volunteering, citizen science, and internship programs).

Nutty Scientists Greenville
Kelly Sooklal

Nutty Scientists helps kids discover their love for science by implementing hands on interactive experiments that are designed to stimulate their minds and peak their curiosities.

The company offers a wide variety of programs from after-schools, camps, birthday parties, scientific shows and awareness campaigns.

Simple Car Wash
Taylor Mitcham

Simple Car Wash is a water-less car cleaning service that comes directly to you. They clean the interior and exterior of motorcycles, cars, trucks, vans, and SUV’s using a biodegradable product without using any water.


July Amber Grant Finalists

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Hope everyone’s is having a fantastic summer!

As usual, you ladies have kept our hands filled with a crazy amount of applicants and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Without further ado, here are July’s five finalists.

Check them out and stay tuned! We’ll announce the winner(s) by the end of the week!

July Amber Grant Finalists – July 2014


The Creative Kitchen 
Leila “Cricket” Azima
The Creative Kitchen, works to produce a positive relationship between children and food while having fun in the kitchen and creating healthy eating habits for life.

At the Creative kitchen they create lesson plans to not only teach children about food and how to cook in a fun, safe environment but they also incorporate other traditional disciplines into their lessons, such as reading, mathematics, science, social sciences, nutrition, art, history, and geography.


Nightingale Apps 
Tiffany Kelley Ph.D. MBA RN
Nightingale Apps is a health information technology company offering mobile applications to nurses working in hospital settings. They’re focused on improving the quality of information needed for the care of hospitalized patients.

By improving the efficiency and accuracy of information flow, the health care team can provide timely access to care and improve the safety and patient-centeredness of delivered care.



Zoo To You 
Rebecka McDonald
Zoo To You is a mobile petting zoo for hire at a low hourly rate. Currently they have a miniature llama, miniature donkey, miniature goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and miniature pigs. They’re available for birthday parties, school events, weddings, and much more!



Cheeky ChaCha  
Jasmine Ejan
Jasmine created a product called, Blowpaste, a flavored edible lubricant that’s vegan, gluten free, and the only lube in the world that’s good for your teeth! She mixes, manufactures, produces, pitches and markets!

Blowpaste can now be found in over 25 stores and has been featured in the Huffington Post, web shows and on the radio. Jasmine’s mission is to spread love and healthy smiles.


Kristen sabatelli
Splatterbox opened 3 years ago. The store offers many different types of art activities such as, “open studio” drop in to paint pottery or canvases, classes, camps, birthday parties and more. Just recently Kristen also started holding paint and sip nights – where you can bring in wine and follow a painting tutorial!

June Amber Grant Finalists

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

The holiday of food, fireworks, friends and family is only a few days away! But before you get too busy celebrating our independence, we would like to announce our five Amber Grant finalists for the month of June.

This months applicants were all so creative and inspiring. It made choosing our winner(s) incredibly difficult! For now, we’ve narrowed it down to the top five finalists!

Be sure to congratulate them and stay tuned – we’ll announce the June winner right after the holiday!

June Amber Grant Finalists – June 2014

Chicken Armour

Grow Your Brew, LLC 
Jill Bong

Ever heard of chicken saddles before? Neither had we! Chicken saddles protect the backs of chickens during mating and molting.

Most existing productions are expensive, fussy, or simply hard to clean. Jill designed a new type of chicken saddle. With urban farms and raising chickens gaining popularity there should be an increasing market demand for her product very soon!



SemiPro inc.
Colleen Le Goff

Colleen and her team created SemiPro. SemiPro is a new sports app for the remarkably average athlete. Players worldwide can create matches, view game schedules, stay updated on local competition, and so much more.

With this app you can now you can carry your amateur sports career in your pocket and never fall out of the loop again!


the glass jug

The Glass Jug
Kathryn Creech

Kathryn and her team are opening a craft beer retail store that will take advantage of the recently-changed growler filling laws in NC. This new law allows them to serve hard-to-find craft beer in reusable and recyclable containers, while educating people about all of the fantastic breweries that exist right in NC.

They plan to have a selection of bottled and canned beer, along with 16 beers on draft that can be enjoyed by the pint or taken home in a counter-pressure filled growler.


Swagga Wear
Gillian Pennington

Imagine a full-body snuggie or hoodie meant for wearing outside or in public, wouldn’t that be comfy? Well, thats what Swagga Suits is – full-body jumpsuits for sports fans to wear to games.

Swagga Suits was founded in 2012 by a group of UW students looking to put a little different touch on fan apparel. At Swagga Suits they specialize in one thing and one thing only…Straight up FANDIMONIUM!

how he asked
Stacy Tasman

HowHeAsked started in Fall 2011 and features a new proposal story every day! The stories they share include jaw-dropping photos, tear-jerking videos, and beautiful, heart-warming words. They receive submissions from newly-engaged women, grooms-to-be, photographers, deadly duos going on their 5th or 55th anniversary, same-sex couples, and more.

Men even come to the site to find ideas and connect with jewelers and photographers for their own proposal! Bottom line, they’re in love with love (and of course gorgeous rings.)

May Amber Grant Finalists

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

I hope everyone has had an exciting and productive month! This month the WomensNet Facebook page reached an exciting milestone of 500 likes- thanks to all of you!

We’ve been very busy reading all of your great applications and we’ve enjoyed every one of them-which makes it difficult to choose our winner(s)! For now, we’ve narrowed it down to the top five finalists!

Be sure to congratulate them and stay tuned – we’ll announce the May winner within the next few days!

May Amber Grant Finalists — May 2014


Allison Yacht
BraveHoods is a one-for-one hoodie company. They sell super comfy hoodie t-shirts with powerful and inspiring messages. For each one they sell, they give one away to a kid fighting cancer.

Allison started BraveHoods in response to her daughters cancer diagnosis. While her daughter, Merry was going through chemo and radiation, she was bald. Because of this she was never completely comfortable exposing her scalp in public until Allison found her a hoodie t-shirt. It worked perfectly. The girl finally felt like she fit in and was comfortable enough to go out and about. Allison then thought about the other cancer families dealing with the same issues and once Merry was feeling better, they started to think about how they could give back to their community.


Spare Change

Spare Change Inc.
Andra Tomsa
Spare Change is a nonprofit organization that fundraises exclusively for Food Bank For New York City. The Spare Change NYC APP allows New Yorkers to round-up their dine-out bills to the nearest dollar to help feed the hungry in their own city.

Each donation is always less than $0.99, but the impact is significant. Each $1.00 Spare Change collects is converted into 4 meals through Food Bank For New York CIty.

Users are able to track their philanthropy on their profile page, where they can see how much they have donated, and how many people they have helped feed. Restaurants participate with Spare Change by offering rewards to users who round up frequently each month.

Feel Better Pops

Feel Better Pops
Marisa Teiner

Feel Better Pops, LLC was created because most kids love ice pops and they’re a great treat to turn to, even (or especially) when kids are sick. Whether they’re ceoling down a sore throat or simply rehydrating a feverish little body, they always seem to make little ones feel better.

After realizing this, Marisa began to develop her own all natural ice pops with ingredients that would make her son feel better quicker and prevent others from getting sick. Many prototypes later, the idea of the Feel Better Pop was born.

The first line of pops, called Feel Better Tummy was released in june of 2013, in conjunction with the Rutgers Food Innovation Center. The pre-launch of Feel Better Tummy is scheduled for Fall 2014.

Aesop Technologies

Aesop Technologies
Tinisha Witt

Aesop Technologies specializes in the use of new solar technology and integrates it with our everyday lives,which seem to revolve around mobile phones. Their first product is going to be a solar powered protective case for the top selling mobile devices. This will be vital to those who are constantly looking to charge their phones. (Who isn’t these days?!) Tinisha and her team are providing a convenience by utilizing the sun as an alternative source of power at the flip of a switch on our phone case.

Aesop Technologies is currently in a patent pending status and in phase one prototype. Their intention is to launch a Kickstarter campaign in June of 2014. They are hoping to be in mass production and on the market by the end of this year.


Melted Addiction

Catina Mason

Melted Addiction manufactures all-natural and eco-friendly body products and candles. Catina began this business after many products available on the market only aggravated her sensitive skin. She then decided to teach herself how to make all natural soap and candles.

What first started out as a hobby, slowly turned into a business after demand grew. Her products are now retail ready and she currently offers sales through retail and wholesale accounts.

April Amber Grant Finalists

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

April showers bring… new Amber Grant winners? Works for us!

We had another fantastic month with some truly inspiring applicants. You ladies just keep impressing us – and making it harder and harder to narrow things down.

It wasn’t easy, but we did it. Without further ado, here are April’s five finalists.

Check them out and stay tuned! We’ll announce the winner(s) within the next few days.

Amber Grant Finalists – April 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 1.17.08 PM
Whiskey & Whimsy Retreats
Kerrie Blazek

This idea makes us want to jump on a plane and head straight to Louisville. Kerrie Blazek and her team offer women an opportunity to ditch the daily grind for a luxurious, all-inclusive, one-of-a-kind girls getaway…on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

As their website explains, you can “think of it as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience one of America’s most interesting cities, while re-igniting your innate creative fire, indulging in some delicious eats + fine whiskey, as you cozy up to like-minded sisters and hot guest speakers for some reciprocal sharing and learning – all in one gorgeous place.”

How could that not be the best weekend ever? We seriously might need to make a WomensNet trip for the next one.

CuteNCrafty Wedding Socks
Kendra Barnes

When Kendra Barnes got married last April, she made a label for her now husband’s wedding socks that read: “Just to make sure you don’t get Cold Feet, with love, from your bride” and had her Maid of Honor deliver them. It made for a great photo opportunity, put a smile on his face, and most importantly ensured that he didn’t wear a pair of his holey socks to their wedding.

When they received their wedding photos and video, she saw how the “Cold Feet” socks brought a smile to her husband’s face, and thought…”I wonder if other brides would want to buy this”. So, Kendra set up shop on Etsy and within days she was getting sales.

Since then she has sold over 2500 pairs of socks online and in three stores that carry her product across D.C. and Pennsylvania.

How great is that?

ArtInFact Magazine NYC
ArtInFact Magazine
Semhar Woldeyesus

ArtInFact Magazine is the brainchild of four full-time media professionals, all graduates of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, class of 2011. They’ve come together to create a content platform for entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and independent brands in New York City.

After realizing that mainstream media outlets typically only cover tech-centric ventures, Silicon Valley, or entrepreneurs who’ve received major investment backing, they decided to fill the gap and highlight startups and entrepreneurs that capture the independent spirit of New York City.

In case it’s not totally obvious, we’re big fans of supporting startups and entrepreneurs – so this idea really spoke to us.

Hazel Lane San Francisco Bo
Hazel Lane
Ashley DeKellis

Ashley DeKellis found a way to share her love of discovering amazing products from cities around the world with others – and she gets to do it as a stay at home mom, creating a sense of accomplishment that she, her husband and their son can be proud of.

Hazel Lane is a monthly subscription box service that helps others to explore the world, despite financial barriers and travel restrictions. Every month they send their members a carefully curated box of surprise goodies from a particular city, focusing on items that capture that destination’s spirit and signature flavors.

The boxes include healthy, sustainable and organic products from local business and arrive in 100% recycled packaging. Even better? They’re filing as a B Corp and already give 10% back to local charities in their featured cities.

Tuck Me In Bedding Retainment System
Tuck Me In – Good Night Bedding Securement System
Donna Liimatainen-Peterson

Like many of us, Donna Liimatainen-Peterson is a restless sleeper and a self-proclaimed sheet stealer. Her husband of 23 years would take extra measures to methodically tuck their sheets and blankets into his side of the bed, only to wake completely robbed of all of the bedding.

After spending 21 years as an architect (and even more years as an apologetic wife), she decided to design a solution for her unintentional sheet-stealing problem.

The Tuck Me In Good Night Bedding Retainment System utilizes an innovative lightweight cylindrical rod that easily attaches to the bottom edge of your bedsheets and blankets using coordinating fabric snap clamps, then gets inserted below the bottom edge of the mattress. If a good night sleep, fully covered, isn’t worth the $20 retail price – we’re not sure what is. Donna also sells extra long sheets and blankets to make sure you’ll never be “short sheeted” again.

March Amber Grant Madness! Meet the 10 Finalists

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

March was a landmark month for us here at WomensNet! Not only did we receive a record number of Amber Grant applications, the quality of your business ideas absolutely blew us away.

In fact, we were so impressed we just couldn’t wait until the end of the month to get involved! We awarded a special mid-month grant to Rule of Pie Bakeshop owner Miranda Stapel and also funded the DBA and other various licensing costs for high school junior Sierra Elmore’s graphic design business 13 Elm Streets.

This week our WomensNet Board of Advisors is tasked with selecting the recipient of our $500 March grant.

We’ve narrowed it down to 10 finalists (which was no easy task) and we love all of these entrepreneurial ideas so much, we really wanted to share them.

Meet Our Finalists:

Game Worlds Camp
Alicia Andrew

Our camps are a place for kids ages 10-18 to learn to make their own video games and software in a fun environment. They will learn what goes into a game, how it gets made, and have the opportunity to work on their own game and software. We teach skills including programming, art, design, audio design, and business development.

Students work together in teams to bring their game idea to life. Focused on teamwork, problem solving new situations, and creative thinking, our goal is to introduce the world of software development to kids.

Shelly Bean The Sports Queen
Shelly Boyum Breen

A one of a kind children’s book series about a tough and lovable little girl who loves to play sports.
Shelly Bean the Sports Queen is a product of a new generation where being a “jock” is acceptable for girls as well as encouraged. Follow Shelly Bean and her friends as they play new sports together in each book. Parents can utilize the instructional and safety tips at the back of each book as well.

The Brooklyn Reader
Clara Zawadi Morris

Launched on December 16, 2013, The Brooklyn Reader is an online daily community news site for the fast-growing neighborhoods of Central Brooklyn, including the neighborhoods of Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, Fort Greene and Clinton Hill (soon-to-be launching in East New York, East Flatbush and Prospect Heights). The Brooklyn Reader posts 5-8 stories daily on all topics concerning Central Brooklyn, including crime incidents, fire emergencies, DOT alerts, politics, education, real estate development, new business development, arts and culture, entertainment and more!

Pig of the Month BBQ
Lea Richards

Pig of the Month BBQ sources natural ingredients from sustainable farming, and combines them with the best family BBQ recipes.

With determination to bring exceptionally delicious, high quality, home-cooked food to the entire world, Pig of the Month ships everything from succulent baby back ribs and melt-in-your-mouth smoked turkey to everybody’s favorite: thick-cut bacon.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 11.59.10 AM
Nager By Nic Hyl

Nager By Nic Hyl creates women’s swimsuits and cover-ups (for now). These swimsuits and cover-ups are unique, feminine, and sophisticated. They allow the woman to feel sexy in her skin without being too overt. Each of the pieces in the collection are lined, supportive, created with thought and made in the USA.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.06.41 PM
Leah Marche is a freemium social expression website for the “everyday people” who want to experience not-your-average inspirational messages. It puts a twist on celebrating special occasions, unlike Hallmark or American Greetings, by connecting loved ones through the art of performance poetry.

Animal Candle
Nina Kathleen Farley

Animal Candle aims to offer high-end soy candles with a chic, minimalist theme. Each candle fragrance represents a different at-risk species, and a portion of the profit for every candle sold will go towards wildlife conservation or animal rescue projects/organizations for the animal chosen by the consumer. The inaugural candle is a sea-breeze fragrance representing the endangered Right Whale, and a portion of proceeds will go to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation. Other Animal Candles include a Koala (eucalyptus peppermint) to fund a GIS-mapping project to protect habitats overlapping private land, and a Pig (fresh grass) to fund care for rescued farm animals at Farm Sanctuary.

Even better, the candle recipe has been perfected using 100% all natural, non-GMO soy wax grown in the USA without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or toxins.

Know My World
Genevieve Murphy

Know My World is a Global Education Resource organization that offers digital cross cultural exchange, collaborative projects, customized curriculum, and an innovative educational philosophy called TRACE Education. Our mission is to offer a multitude of platforms and projects for exchange and growth between various countries and cultures. These projects and exchanges provide shared teaching and learning opportunities between participants. The pivotal focus of Know My World is to promote enriching opportunities within and beyond the standard curriculum to transform the educative experience.

Knee runner injury
Smart Bionics Biosensing Ankle Brace
Emily Seyfort

Designed by undergraduate students for a class project, this wearable strain measuring ankle brace was initially created for athletes (basketball players, soccer players, etc…) so that coaches can monitor the stress levels on the ATFL ligament through a phone app, in order to prevent ankle injuries.

After receiving positive feedback, they now hope to expand the functionality and use this ankle brace for rehabilitation purposes after injuries, in order to test whether a person is fit to start walking without the brace.

Tech urSelf
Belinda Liu

Modern lifestyles risk separating us from the simple practices that have made us happy and healthy since ancient times. Positive practices are losing favor to the distractions of being constantly connected in the digital age.

Tech urSelf helps people see their lives in a new light – transforming everyday struggles into an opportunity for growth. We use technology purposefully to support people to make positive changes and build new life practices in order to cultivate their core values, personal wellness and the well-being of their community.

The first tool we created is urWell, an iPhone app that encourages individuals to stop, notice, and live with greater intention. Our next step is to apply what we have learned from piloting urWell and work with our partners (a team of psychologists, social scientists, and leadership coaches) to create a series of values-based, team building challenges hosted on a centralized web platform aimed at cultivating more compassionate and mission-driven workplaces.