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February’s Qualification Grant Finalists

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

The door has closed on February, and hopefully, March can provide much of us relief from the harsh winter weather.

Either way, we’re here to ring in the new month by announcing our newest Amber Grant Finalists. Continue on to learn about all 5 women in business.

Hammerstone School
Maria Klemperer-Johnson

Hammerstone School teaches carpentry classes to women. Students in their courses run the gamut from young homesteaders looking for more self sufficiency in their homebuilding projects, to women considering a career in the trades, to retirees hoping to do some satisfying home improvement projects on their own.

Misadventures Magazine
Zoe Balaconis

Misadventures is a magazine “by and for adventurous women.” They fill their digital and print pages with valuable and unique content ranging from interviews, essays and travel photography, to do-it-yourself guides, gear reviews, and music, book and film recommendations that appeal specifically to female adventurers.

Hopeful Health
Hope Mangiafico

Hopeful Health specializes in personalized training sessions for people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Sessions are designed to meet each individual’s needs and physical abilities through proper exercise, nutrition, education and guidance.

Stories in Time
Amy Peirce

Stories in Time is an avenue for the documentation of stories, memories and reflections for current and future generations. Amy’s driven by her desire to help others tell their stories, ones that are all too often lost.

Westbrook Innovation
Amy Elizabeth Westbrook

Amy is starting a “creative house” for launching original concepts and solutions for business, branding and individuals. Her first signature trademarked solution will be dubbed, “BRANDOVERS” whereby clients (small to medium sized businesses) receive a customized approach to telling their story, to rework or completely “do over” their brand.

January’s Qualification Grant Finalists

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already one month into 2015.

What we can believe is just how many amazing grant applications have flown our way. We’ve narrowed it down to 5 finalists, and they’re all listed below (as always, in no particular order) with a mini bio.

We’ll soon announce the January Amber Grant Award winner, so stay tuned!

January Qualification Grant Finalists:


Sonya Davis

Neqtr is a socially conscious mobile app. They connect people through cause preferences and lifestyle interests and help them meet through planned dates at local volunteer opportunities and charity events. Thus, they help individuals find quality partners with shared passions.



Makeda Ricketts

PinkThink creates interest-oriented and peer-supported web and mobile games that make (S)cience, (T)echnology, (E)ngineering, and (M)ath education powerful, relevant, and engaging for girls ages 8-14. The whole premise of PinkThink is to connect the social and fun activities that girls typically enjoy to education and learning.



Rachelle Amar

iMustHavit is a multilingual product and service navigation app. It connects users with the products and services around them that aren’t easily found otherwise. The app is not just limited to consumer products and services, but also will inform the user about other services, such as civil, government and human rights, which can be unnavigable due to language barriers.


braGGs Reconstruction Bras
Kara Gorski

braGGs Reconstruction Bras helps breast cancer survivors and previvors nurture their sense of beauty, comfort and confidence with a patent-pending bra solution that meets their unique needs. The inspiration was borne out of necessity and from a desire to have something positive come from a disease that has ultimately defined their lives since childhood.


TEND Technologies

TEND Technologies
Lisa Frame

TEND is a private gaming app for couples. It uses an algorithm of prompts that re-creates the feeling and experience of falling in love. Essentially, TEND is hacking love using technology and in-real-life experiences to create more sustainable long-lasting relationships in this culture of “So Many Options, Who Needs to Commit?”

December’s Qualification Grant Finalists

Friday, January 9th, 2015

First off, WomensNet would like to personally thank everyone for another great year, none of which would be possible without you. We’re so excited to see what 2015 brings us. But, before we get too carried away we still have business to take care of from 2014.

This December we had so many inspiring and well thought out applications making it extremely hard to narrow it down to five finalists- so we changed it Six!

The finalists are listed below. Take a look at their businesses, congratulate them and stay tuned, we’re announcing the winner early next week!


ESL Basics
Andrea Giordano

ESL Basics is centered on teaching English through video lessons. So far Andrea has had over 1,000,000 views of her English lessons. With every video lesson she creates, she seek to connects with each learner, giving them an authentic experience with a native English speaking ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher.

Electric Ink1

Electric Ink
Corianne Powell

Electric Ink sells gold temporary tattoos that symbolize the power and independence that defines young women. The Electric Ink Company chooses ambitious, young woman at each of its schools to represent their brand, teaching them how to run a small business and empowering them to become entrepreneurs. For each temporary tattoo sold, Electric Ink donates a portion of the proceeds to a philanthropy chosen by the young women buyers themselves.


HUSH Experience
Frances Tang

Hush Experience designs pop up date night, dinner party experiences for couples who are looking for something different than the same old night out- or who just do not have the time and energy to plan. An exclusive prix fixe menu by a local chef, live entertainment, crafted cocktails, great company and a secret location is provided while only the time, day and theme of the event is revealed to guests. Attendees meet at a central location that is disclosed two days before the event and are whisked away to a once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable evening.


Hammerstone School
Maria Klemperer-Johnson

Hammerstone School aims to empower women and non-women alike to use their bodies and minds for creative and useful ends by teaching carpentry classes. By increasing the skills of individual women, Hammerstone hopes to increase the number of women in the trades, and ultimately change workplaces for women in and outside of the trades.


Functional Pelvis
Lindsey Vestal

The Functional Pelvis, Inc. is a private physical and occupational therapy practice dedicated to improving the lives of women and men who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction and complications.

Though an embarrassing dinner topic for some, pelvic floor dysfunction affects millions of people (33% of women alone) who often don’t know that proven therapeutic exercises and non-surgical treatments are available which can drastically improve their quality of life when suffering from urinary and fecal incontinence, urge incontinence, chronic constipation, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain.

The Functional pelvis empowers all people to regain control of the most basic human functions.



Hazel Lane,
Samantha Strom & Ashley Dekellis

Hazel Lane, (founded by Sam and Ash) is a previous grant winner of ours from April, 2014. Their goal is to help everyone explore the world without the hassle of tourist traps, expensive flights and currency exchange rates.

Every month Hazel Lane send’s you a carefully curated box of surprise goodies from a selected city that represents it’s spirit. They feature innovative, organic, vegan and sustainable items.


As always, thank you for reading! Remember we award a grant every month – if interested, here’s the link to apply!

November’s Qualification Grant Finalists

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

It’s been another crazy month here at WomensNet! This month, along with some small site changes, there was a record number of applicant’s -with some truly inspiring stories. You ladies keep impressing us – and making it harder and harder to narrow things down each month. It wasn’t easy, but somehow we managed. Without further ado, here are November’s five finalists for our new qualification grants.

Check them out and stay tuned! We’ll announce the winner next week!

November Qualification Grant Finalists:

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 4.48.12 PM
Élevé Activewear
365startupgirl Website
Amy Jo Miller

Élevé Activewear was born out of frustration over the lack of functional underwear for women to wear while exercising. After searching the market for proper undies to wear under yoga pants Amy decided she might as well put her ideas and expertise to good use!


Stretch Recipes
Lauren Foster

Stretch Recipes is on a mission to help people eat better and save more. They’re in the process of creating an app that will help allow shoppers to enter their budget, choose their meals, and automatically receive their shopping list with coupons. Stretch also hosts cooking class experiences to teach people how to cook on a tight budget.

Pole Pressure
Jessalynn Medairy

Pole Pressure is a Pole fitness brand that focuses on gymnastics and dance technique on Pole. Jessalyn has created a License Program to allow her brand to grow in a more feasible way than franchising. With the new licensing program she can use the name ‘Pole Pressure’ to people to start teaching their own Pole Pressure classes in any type of facility; a concept similar to Zumba.


The Serene Bean
Nicole M.Neal

The Serene Bean Espresso Catering is a portable full service coffee and brunch company. They bring the coffeehouse to you, (indoors & outdoors!) Serene Bean can compliment your current catering service or work as your solo choice of vendor. It’s like having a charming Italian Café at your event.

Spicy Guys
Spicy Guys
Tammy Ogren

Tammy and her friend Mary are the founders of Spicy Guys Pretzels. Spicy Guys makes seasoned, flavored pretzels in three flavors: Original Spicy, Extra Spicy, and Smoky Sweet BBQ. Their Pretzels transforms boring, old pretzels into a gourmet snack.

As always, thank you for reading! Remember we award a grant every month – if interested, here’s the link to apply!

October Amber Grant Finalists

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

This October we had many inspiring, creative, and well though-out applicants. We enjoyed reading each one.  A huge thank you to everyone who applied this month- You made our decision very difficult!

For now, we’ve narrowed it down to the top five finalists. Be sure to check out their websites, congratulate them and stay tuned – we’ll announce the October winner very soon!

October Amber Grant Finalists 2014


Poutine Your Mouth
Poutine Your Mouth
Jennifer Buckallew

Poutine Your Mouth is an art and food cart decorated with colorful art and music from local artists. This food trailer opens up and invites patrons to eat and enjoy poutine, which is French fries, cheddar cheese curds, and gravy with various toppings. They cater to all vegetarian, vegan and gluten food restrictions.


Hot N' Handi
Hot n’ Handi
Lisa Grant

Lisa the founder of Hot n’ Handi has Friedreich’s ataxia. Friedreich’s ataxia is an autosomal recessive inherited disease that causes progressive damage to the nervous system, resulting in symptoms ranging from gait disturbance to speech problems. Currently it has no cure so she’s decided to embrace it and create Hot n’ Handi.

Lisa’s mission with Hot n’ Handi is to encourage confidence in all disabled people. They sell fun, sexy, confidence-boosting attire for women who are disabled.


Solight Designs Inc.
Alice Min Soo Chun

SolarPuff is the first flat packageable and inflatable solar lantern. It is designed to provide an affordable and renewable light source to disaster relief victims.

Solar Puff uses the principles of origami and foldable design to “pop” open from a flat envelope into a cube with a very simple pull motion to diffuse the light after charging. It’s a lightweight solution that advances itself to easy packaging and storage.


The Wooden Palate
The Wooden Palate
Eileen O’Dea

The Wooden Palate was founded by Eileen O’Dea and Ryan Silverman. Every board they make is designed to last forever. The boards are tested for integrity by Ryan in the woodshop and further vetted by Eileen in the kitchen before sent to production. The Wooden Palate was born of the belief that every kitchen and home needs more bespoke wood pieces and that every chef should love the board on which they serve their creations.


Heathers Choice
Heathers Choice
Heather Kelly

Heather looks forward to providing adventurous athletes with the most delicious dehydrated food on the planet. Her recipes are inspired by her extensive travels, and rooted in locally grown ingredients. She loves throwing on her backpack and getting out to field test each and every recipe.

September’s Amber Grant Finalists!

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Happy Friday ladies, (and gentlemen)! I figured before you get started on your weekend plans, I’d deliver some good news and announce our September Amber Grant Finalists!

Here they are – Continue to read below to learn more about our finalists,  their products, services and what each organization brings to the community!

September Amber Grant Finalists — 2014

Sling Hammocks
Nicole Otero
Nicole is a lover of the outdoors and hammocking. This inspired her to start designing hammocks and hammock straps. Through trial and error she’s finally created the perfect product. Click on her website and give it a look!


Ready Set Go, LLC
Carol Cooper
Since Carol started her journey, she’s taught life skills and instructional reading in a private school. Carol’s constantly trying to find new and creative ways to keep her students motivated, as a result she created Ready Set Go, LLC which has inspirational jewelry and two soft plush bears named Brian and Brianna – which mean “strength.” Each bear is accompanied by a book that has been personally written in a way that will make it easy for children to understand.  A portion of Ready Set Go sales is donated to organizations that help children with autism / ASD and special needs.


Puff’s Preserves
Kirsten Dawn Farabi
Puff’s Preserves is Kirsten’s little boozy jam creation. The inspiration comes from her grandparents. Kirsten’s grandmother taught her how to make preserves at the age of twelve. They have been making them together every Summer since. Her grandmother was always so creative with her concoctions, adding herbs, spices, and booze. Kirsten’s grandfather Hugo “Puff” Farabi bootlegged sugar, homemade wine, and whiskey during Prohibition. So she put the two concepts together and created Puff’s Preserves. She make boozy jams, jellies and preserves with fresh fruit, herbs and spices, and local Colorado spirits.


Maura Horton
The concept for MagnaReady came about when Maura’s husband was diagnosed at an early age with Parkinsons disease. As someone that travels for business, he was anxious about getting into a situation while he was on the road. As he shared his concerns, Maura knew right away how she could help him with this daily challenge. By magnetically infusing the buttons on his shirts, she created a product that could restore freedom to his daily routine.


Danica Yoga
Danica Lister
Danica has a vision of inspiring others to live at their happiest. She especially wants to work with people who suffer from depression. So she has decided to start working towards opening up her own studio based on depression as well as other chronic illnesses… fibromayalgia, cancer recovery, etc.