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March Qualification Grant Finalists

Monday, April 4th, 2016

Sole Savers Inc.
Melodie Narain

Sole Savers is a rollable flat shoe company. They provide emergency flat shoes for women through their website and vending machines. The company has big plans to contribute to charities and work in different philanthropic avenues to keep with their mantra that “every sole has a soul.”

Elu, LLC
Christina Marshall-Valdez

The Elu brand is for women who want their curves to cascade into styles that inspire confidence. Elu’s style shop at will soon offer gorgeous styles that can be made-to-measure to highlight everything beautiful about a womens body.

Alumni Funds
Amber fox

Alumni Funds is an organization founded by a group of Drum Corps International Alumni. They created a platform for alumni to create custom performing arts scholarships. Alumni groups can be comprised of anyone they wish; and each group can customize the eligibility, criteria, and dollar amount of the scholarship they wish to create.

Flying Change Equine Therapy
Lissa Corcoran

Flying Change Equine Therapy uses unforgettable interactive experiences with rescued and retired horses to foster emotional social, spiritual, and psychological growth in people. Flying Change provides equine assisted psychotherapy and Equine Assisted learning with children, adolescents and adults for emotional growth.

Lissa’s business provides clients with many opportunities to practice a healthy life skills in a physically and emotional safe environment, and the confident to take those skills back into their family and life.

Equilibrium Learning, LLC
Gina Clarke

Equilibrium is a learning software that creates individual learning profiles based on the natural skills and talents associated with the school subjects. They couple these learning profiles with Multiple Intelligences types (such as Verbal, Visual, Logical, Kinesthetic, etc.) to make the learning process as personalized as possible.

Explorer Chick Adventure Co.
Nicki Bruckmann

Explorer Chick Adventure Co is a travel company exclusively for women founded by Nicki Bruckmann. Her travel company plans to take women on epic adventures, in incredible parts of the world so women can live new experiences and discover new strengths while surrounded by a community of equally adventurous women.

Kettle Black TeaHouse
Kettle/Black Teahouse
Christina (Tina) Eilers & Lynn Halldorson

Kettle/Black Teahouse plans to be a modern, Asian-inspired teahouse located in the beautiful coastal town of Cannon Beach, Oregon. Once their Teahouse opens they plan to offer monthly evening tea tastings, and hope to partner with local businesses to sell their tea wholesale to them for use in coffee shops and restaurants.

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February Qualification Grant Finalists

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

Nido Durham, LLC
Tiffany Frye

Nido Durham is a quiet space for coworking and childcare combined for parents. While parents are in their own workspace, their children are a door away in a Montessori classroom doing their own creative work. Along with childcare, Nido is a community with events to support each others professional and parenting interests and just to get to know one another.

Brobe International
Allison Schickel

The Brobe is a robe with a built in bra attached to it. The Brobe is a robe designed for breastfeeding mothers or women undergoing any breast surgery, such as mastectomy, reconstruction, breast augmentation, or reduction. The Brobe is fashionable yet functional and can be used in many different occasions throughout different stages in a woman’s life.

Spectrum Works
Spectrum Works
Ann Marie Sullivan

Spectrum Works is an innovative social enterprise employment model born out of the idea that individuals with autism deserve an opportunity to have a productive, fulfilling life. Their unique approach gives people with autism the opportunity to show society that they are capable of producing high quality goods and services.


Saumya’s company, Kheyti designs, adapts and implements low cost farming solutions to help growers increase yield and predictability of produce. Their goal is to offer small farmers a seamless path towards income increase.

Yellow Scope
Yellow Scope: Science Kits for Girls
Marcie Colledge

Yellow Scope was founded in 2014 by scientists and moms, Marcie Colledge and Kelly McCollum. Marcie and Kelly met in 2008 at their children’s elementary school as volunteers running the school’s STEM programs. After realizing how well they work together they decided to Yellow Scope was born. Yellow Scope’s goal is to make rigorous and creative science kits for girls.

Honorary Finalist

mmmorgans cupcakes
MmMorgan’s Custom Cakes and Desserts
Morgan Hodnett

MmMorgan’s Custom Cakes and Desserts was founded by a 14 year old girl as a way to share her passion for creating beautiful cakes with others. Her entrepreneurialism and passion for baking at such a young age is so impressive, that we couldn’t not add her to this list. Check out her facebook page to see some of her work!

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January’s Qualification Grant Finalists

Friday, February 5th, 2016

girls at work
Girls At WORK, Inc.
Kathleen Hannabach

Girl at Work is a not-for-profit that provides girls with a safe and supportive environment to step out of their comfort zones and to build with other girls. Not only do they discover how capable they are, they also discover how exciting it is to work as part of a team toward a common goal.

The Safe Baby Co.
Amber Kroeker

In 2013 Amber returned to her office with a heavy heart after reviewing the deaths of two babies who had died from an unsafe sleep environment which made her realize she needed to do something. So Amber started researching and came across a program in Finland which provides maternity packages to all women who give birth in that country. Before the program was implemented, Finland had the highest infant mortality rate in the world. They now enjoy the lowest, in part due to the maternity package. The special thing about this package is that the box doubles as a safe sleep space for babies.

The baby box Amber is trying to create is an environmentally friendly, recyclable, inexpensive and portable sleep space.

diane beam
Imaginary Universe
Diane Beam

The Imaginary Universe is A Science book and film on the subject of physics and modern cosmology and Diane’s experience working with UK scientist Stephen Hawking. She is the author of the book in progress and the director, producer and co-author with Stephen Hawking of the documentary, non-profit, feature film.

The book is about her collaboration with world-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking which began more than two decades ago. At the heart of the book are the events surrounding our work, script-writing, and filmmaking in the UK and USA.

the smart playbook
The SMART Playbook
Suzanne Wind

The SMART Playbook was founded by Suzanne Wind a mom of three. The SMART Playbooks plan is to offer families a simple and effective game plan to teach relevant life skills like manners and social skills.

Metamenu LLC
Natalie Neumann

Metabrew is a five-ingredient powerhouse of antioxidants and superfoods for long-lasting and slowly released energy. The foods used to make Metabrew are ethically sourced – making it easy for your body to convert the ingredients straight into brain power. Metabrew restores your body’s base mineral levels – leaving you feeling happier and healthier.

XOI, Inc.
Linh Tran

For decades, the Gac fruit was used in a festive sticky rice (xoi gac) that is eaten during Vietnamese New Year celebrations and weddings. This dish serves as the inspiration for the company name, XOI– both as a reminder of the fruit’s origins, and as a denotation of the joy experienced at occasions where xoi gac is served.

XOI’s aim is to bring this celebration to you through natural Gac fruit products and to the ethnic minority farmers that XOI works with.

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And Then There Were Two…

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

After much debate amongst our Advisory board we’ve narrowed down our Amber Grant Finalists to Two. Congrats to Stretch Recipes and Hammerstone School of Carpentry for Women. Here’s a little bit about each of their businesses:

Stretch Recipes
Lauren Foster

Growing up Lauren lived in a low income household without the tools to learn how to budget for groceries or prepare healthy meals. Because of this she always thought, why not build a tool that will help people maximize their hard earned dollars and have access to more nutritional recipes.

In November 2013, Lauren began looking more into the problem and seeking help to pull it off. In March 2013, she began landing partnerships with the SNAP program and local food banks in an effort to ensure the application would work for even the tightest of budgets as well as time strapped & busy singles and families.

Stretch is currently in the process of creating an app that will help allow shoppers to enter their budget, choose their meals, and automatically receive their shopping list with coupons. Stretch also hosts cooking class experiences to teach people how to cook on a tight budget.

Stretch Recipes

Hammerstone School
Hammerstone School of Carpentry
Maria Klemperer-Johnson

Hammerstone School of Carpentry for Women was founded by Maria in 2012 when a friend of hers presented the perfect project to organize her first official class: a tiny house.

After the success Maria had from her first class she quickly realized it opened the door to other opportunities, like a two-day introductory course to carpentry skills and a cider-press building workshop.

Maria ultimately hopes to expand the geographical reach of Hammerstone School so that more women from around the country are able to get an introduction to building in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Hammerstone School of Carpentry

We will be announcing our first $2,000 Amber Grant winner next week – Stay Tuned!

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We’ve Announced December’s Qualification Grant Finalists!

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

WomensNet would like to thank everyone of you ladies in our WomensNet Community for another great year. We’re so excited to see what 2016 brings us. But, before we get too carried away we still have business to take care of from 2015. So, without further a-do here are our finalists for December’s Qualification Grant!

December’s Qualification Grant Finalists

Mott & Spry
Sarah-Eva & Ellen Marchese

In 2011, shortly after Sarah became engaged, she set out to design a bouquet based on a Victorian language of flowers. She found it to be nearly impossible to do with the limited available resources available to her.

This gave Sarah the idea for Mott & Spry. Mott & Spry, Inc. is a company that believes it’s possible to apply your style to your flowers using technology and facts, and that that type of personalization makes the best type of design possible. It’s authentic to the flowers, and to your heart. Their goal is to help millions who know less about flowers than they’d like find and express their floral style.

Communicate for Life, LLC
Laura Frances Richardson

Communicate For Life, LLC is a small business that offers private speech and language therapy and behavioral consultations for children in Berks County, PA. Through Communication For Life Laura offers free workshops on speech, language, and behavior development through Boscov’s campus of courses for parents of children 0-5, and through knowledge of her work. She is also one of the few speech-language pathologists that have had pursued a communication device for a 2-year-old.

Meixian Li
Website is a company that provides highly interactive and innovative educational technology for online tutoring. The goal of is to create more job opportunities for students and others, while offering affordable help to other students in need of a tutor.

Yummy Bazaar
Yummy Bazaar
Rebecca Chou

Yummy Bazaar is an online and mobile platform that offers highly curated, delicious, authentic foods from around the world. Their ultimate goal is to become a shopping destination for the most delicious foods from around the world delivered through multiple formats and platforms including website, mobile app, as well as monthly subscription offerings.

Michele Bradfield

InDependent is a health and wellness campaign, fiscally sponsored by Public Health Foundation Enterprises, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Their mission is to create a thriving community of military spouses that supports preventative wellness by inspiring each other to make health and wellness a priority. represents a lifestyle that promotes mindfulness about health. They offer interactive programs designed to encourage military spouses to take preventative measures in support of their individual health and well-being while they are part of the military community so they can thrive physically and emotionally.

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November’s Qualification Grant Finalists

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving last weekend filled with family, friends, and food! I also wanted to take a moment to address how thankful we are for every one of you ladies in our community. You motivate and inspire us to continue what we do every day. Without further a-do here are our finalists for November’s Qualification Grant!

November Qualification Grant Finalists

LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel
Monica Swope

LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel is a clothing line that consists of limited edition fashion T-shirts that includes unique designs that focus on rebranding the perception of learning and education from test-driven and habit memorization to meaningful, relevant and passion driven learning experiences. Their apparel demonstrates the collective belief of passion driven education, but a portion of the proceeds are donated to organizations that are providing meaningful learning experiences to learners of all ages.

Chelsea Koglmeier

One-OneThousand’s a place where handmade artists, designers, craftsmen and hobbyists can hone their skills in studio spaces and equipment rooms, sell their goods in pop-up stores, even learn how to build a business. It’s a place for stories about people making beautiful, practical things—and making mistakes along the way. Find classes, shopping, tools and supplies, creativity, community, time. At OneOneThousand, we’re making what we love.

Baked Cookie Company
Kristy McDonough

Baked Cookie Company is a bakery based in Denver, CO specializing in classic drop cookies. Every one of their batches are always baked fresh to order- nothing is ever frozen or refrigerated. When you do order a dozen, a batch or even a hundred, these cookies are baked with you name on it and for no one else.

Alliance Music Therapy, LLC
Hilary A Fredenburg

Alliance Music Therapy aligns music and treatment to reach optimum health, wellness, and functionality. Based on client-specific needs and personal strengths, they create musical interventions to treat cognitive, developmental, physical, emotional, and social needs.

Suzies Bed and Breakfast
Suzie Shumway

Suzie plans to open a Bed and Breakfast in the quaint town of Dickinson, ND. She will be the offering the usual B&B accommodations along with a host of unique experiences and fun for the whole family, which locals will also enjoy.

EnzymatiX Corp
Sayali Saykhedkar

EnzymatiX is dedicated to producing cost-effective and efficient enzymes/enzyme systems for use in biofuels, paper and pulp industry, animal nutrition, starch and textile industries. They are involved in the discovery, molecular engineering, characterization and production of unique enzymes from fungus and other eukaryotic organisms found in nature.

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